Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Plan


Like we Spaniards say, me tuve que comer el orgullo...una vez más... I had to eat my pride, again. Yes, it´s true. After I had promised my friends and family that I would never put myself through IVF, or them, really. and after I emailed my father telling him that I was never going to ask him to talk to Dr. Moron and ask him for a favor...I just had to ask my padre to please, go through the process again. To be honest, after that email, my father responded saying that he doesn't mind asking Dr. Moron for anything and/or paying for my plane tickets (and my dughter's), he also said that he's worried about me and what all these hormones do to my body. Really? My father worries about me. Makes me feel like a little girl looking for her daddy's approval again, feels nice. He's so selfish materialistic..that I never think he can worry about me. It is a nice surprise, in the midst of all this IF hell.

The plan is to have my mother bring me all my meds from Spain when she comes in March. Dr. Moron can give her the prescriptions, she picks them up at the low price of barely nothing thanks to the social security, and she brings the meds across the border..haha..ocean, sorry. Sounds so dangerous. Now, talking about danger...Will she have any problems bringing lupr.on over?? most likely, he'll prescribe cont.rol till I get there and start stims. So nice. I should just have to be there for 2 weeks of stimming, retrieval, then another few days till trasfer. A total of 3 weeks. Then off to Marbella to relax w DH. Beach house...mmm...I can smell the ocean already!!

Will it happen this way?? Probably not...but I can dream for a few weeks.

1st goal: IVF started
2nd goal: IVF finished with good embies transferred. (3 of them).
3rd goal: BABY!
4th goal: Keep my sanity and my husband..I guess I should have my husband in goal #3....I don't think we'll have any problems until I get my BFN...right??

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  1. Sounds like a good plan!! I so hope that you do make the cycle work just as you say - with a week in Marbella at the end. That sounds like heaven!!