Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I have never been able to hold off on anything. Since I was a child. I guess I was lucky my parents gave me a lot.
It is still the same. I woke up today like a child in Christmas morning. I went and POASed (eventhough we are at 6dp5dt). AND, I saw a very faint line!!!! I hope that´s a positive this early.
This time around we are using Cri.none and Es.trace, as well as a h.cg booster shot at the time of transfer, so I am cramping like bad PMS, and I have this dull lower back pain. I am not sure if its the hormones, but it is a lot...really early.

Anyways, I already went into the forbidden world of baby.center and saw my due date. How crazy am I?? After a m/c 3 years ago!! I should know better and keep the computer away..but I really can´t. I pray that this one stays for the long run.

My husband´s response: I will be happy when you are 9 months pregnant.
I am so happy to have some POSITIVE news. You guys and my mother and husband are the only ones that know. I won´t say a word until a positive blood test, and that´s just because I have groupies cheering me on through this one. So many people has been helping me so much during this cycle. It is so overwhelming.

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  1. soooo.... y que paso?
    I'm getting nervous since you haven't posted an update.