Thursday, May 13, 2010


I'm baaack! Ha!
It has been really hard to check Lost and Found with all the updates, and follow my blog-friends lately...I'm happy for the mamma's to-be, but I hate reading all the stories and think of the what-if's..

Our plan, for now, is to chill. Easier said than done, right? DH doesn't want any more IVF's done for now. Reasons? many, but mainly $$. He doesn't want me to go back to Spain to do the FET just yet. He missed us too maybe, next year, while we vacation at my dad's house in Marbella (beach).
We can't afford a cycle here. BUT. DH is looking for another job. We have some prospects lined up. One of them in Argentina, YES!, how cool would that be?? Also, $1,500 a cycle...

It is hard to chill when I can't get it off my stupid head.

On another note, I finished my last menstrual cycle using 1 pill of progesterone at nigh for the last 10 days to make sure that I had a period on day 28. I did. Now, I'm on BCP, one that targets PCOS problems, mainly andorgen-related, like mine. It's been hell. Headaches, dizziness, heart racing, and nausea, and I think I can include moodiness. I'm better today at CD 7. Finally.
I hate all these hormones in my body, and what they do to me, so I called my good friend. She's RAW, green, vegan, mother-nature-like woman. She suggested Chinese herbs and acupuncture. I found this site. I called. I'm waiting for a call back. My question is: Should I quit the BCP and fully trust the natural approach to help with PCOS? Should I do the FET while I'm on the pill for the next 2-3 months and then, try the natural approach? Has anybody with PCOS tried this approach? Does it work?

I wish things were easier.

Oh! and my SIL is TTC...great! another pregnancy announcement soon...

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