Thursday, May 5, 2011

New adventures

With this cycle starting next week, I have decided to try acu.puncture. It all feels very exciting and different. Hopefylly we will have a different outcome as well.
The new clinic is amazing.
Acu.puncture was really strange. I didn´t think my fear of needled would return, but it did. It was pretty gross. I worked out pretty hard the morning of it, so maybe my muscles were too tight..I don´t know. It felt very weird and not really that relaxing. I asked him to remind me of the good things that come with acu-puncture...I talk a lot when I am nervous.
I will try it one more time.

Should I try anything else? I want to stay away from Dr. as much as I can, so I won´t research anything else. I will start prenatals this week and acup. I stopped coffee. I am going to 2xweek exercise from 4xweek, and I am starting my anxiety diet - eat as much as I want..meaning, a total pig. I am trying to stick to my low carb, vegetarian diet as much as I can. It has proven very hard when my anxiety is running high.

My BFF is in labor. Well, she has been in labor for a few days now, and needs to be on bed rest for a week to hold the baby till 37 weeks. I am her son´s personal choffeur. I really hate this soccer mom life even more now. I drive the kiddos all around town for swimming lessons, school, food, playdates...Being a soccer mom while thinking IV.F thoughts all day long is hard. I just want to sit down and read blogs and look at my calendar over and over all day long, and I can´t. My patience is running low. Especially now, that my daughter keeps defying everything I say...

wish me luck!!

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  1. I tried to meditate while at acupuncture. Some days, it was amazing, other times, I felt like I was counting the minutes. I think the key is trying to clear the mind with some type of phrase and don't think that there are needles sticking out of you. ;) Good luck!!!! I'll be thinking of you!!!