Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Last visit before IVF

Today was our last visit with the RE here in the US. I had my doubts going in because I just feel like such a huge hipocondriac!! Thankfully, my mom is home for 2 weeks and came with me. The dr. spoke Spanish for her...he´s such a nice guy. I told him that I just wanted to be ready before I get to Spain. I don´t want to get there and have them tell me that I have a huge something and that all the planning is out the, I think I have Endo.
So we went mom reminding me that it was ok to ask him a few questions...
And he was GREAT yet again.
He explained every single detail for us (2nd time for me) and said that protocols are different but that he was willing to work as a ¨satellite¨office and help out. He offered calling my dr. in Spain!
He said that I could just go for 4 days if I didn´t mind paying for the drugs here..How much are drugs only anyways? Anybody knows?
Not many people are following my blog yet...but I hope I can get some answers..
I asked about Endo and he said that I have PCOS. That after all the ¨very comfortable, easy, and wonderful¨test he did on me, that there's nothing that suggests Endo. I guess there's some scar tissue around my tubes, but he said that it wasn't endometriosis.
Something NEW: Varicoccele alone is not the reason why my husband's SA are so bad. The fact that he had undescented testicles did it. At least we know something new...

I feel better overall. I am ready for the cycle to start. I am SO ready to be pregnant again.
I just too dinner over to a friend that just had a hard...I've already forgotten what newborns look like! She was one of the 5 friends that had a baby in the last week. I still have...let's see...6 more to go in the next 3-4 months..ISn't that crazy! 2 of them in my family.
Oh well. I need to realize that I'm very blessed to have my gordi. At least I have one. and a good one.


  1. I posted your question on the Lost and Found from Stirrup Queens. Do you have any insurance coverage at all for the meds? Do you know which medications you're going to need

    Buena Suerte!!!

  2. I don't know. I think it covers only diagnostic testing only...I would have to call and ask, I guess.
    Gracias Elizabeth!

  3. My meds for IVF cost around $2500 - that was something like 9 vials of Follistim, the HCG trigger shot, Lupron, and PIO. My clinic also had some coupons they gave me. Another pharmacy quoted me at $3500. It will depend on which drugs you will take and what your doses will be, though. From what I understand, the FSH drugs are the expensive ones (like the Follistim).

  4. Here from LFCA. My IVF meds cost #2600 for our fresh cycle. This included Follistim, Repronex, the trigger shot, Lupron, a package of Vivelle estrogen patches, and one supply of PIO. There were also some steroids, antibiotics, and a Valium thrown in there. The Follistim and Repronex were definitely my most expensive meds.

    Hope that helps - good luck!

  5. Hi there - I'm here from the Stirrup Queens 11/11 "Wish" post - I hope that your wish comes true for your happy family of four!

    I am in the process of my first IVF cycle and my meds cost $3,400. this cycle. It all really depends on what you are perscribed. I found many, many websites from Europe that sold the same meds for a lot less.
    Like your previous commmenters mentioned, the FSH is what will cost you. A 900iu vial/pen runs in the neighborhood of $700-800. Depending on your dosage you could run thru one of those pens in 2-3 days.

    I hope this helps you out. Feel free to let me know if you have any other questions. I'll do my best to help in whatever way I can.

  6. My meds for my first IVF were about $2500, if I remember correctly... this time, we got them as samples (Thank goodness!). My husband also had undescended testicles, which they think caused his obstructive azoospermia. Good luck!

  7. Is there such a thing as affordable IVF? For the most part, no there is not. If you find you have to have several cycles, freezing some of your embryos helps cut back on the following cycles as you will have eggs to use already. This eliminates having to do the drug to help create more eggs. One such way to ensure your IVF is not so pricey is to find clinics that are now beginning to offer you a money back policy. What this means is that say after 3 or 4 cycles you still have no success, your clinic will refund you some of your money back. How much is returned is up to the clinic's policy. In some cases it can be 110% while others do offer more like 20-30% even. This can help balance out some of the costs and can help you have money to do an additional round. Some people go on to do 5 or even 6 cycles. The average amount of cycles needed to go through though before getting pregnant is 3. Most clinics see success after 3 cycles. Clinic for IVF in Germany