Monday, November 16, 2009

The craziness is starting

I can't really focus much right now, but I'll try to make sense of what I'm thinking/feeling..
I just talked to my mom. She had a very informal meeting (aren't they all in Spain..?) with the embriologist about my case. She gave him all the records and he read them ALL right there with her. He was very impressed with the detailed summaries of all my tests and all the pics. BUT, he was should I say this...taken back by my husband's results. Since there were 0 moving, he's also assuming they were dead. He says that they can revive them somehow (i don't know the right terms), and if they couldn't, he could refer us to a great Urologist to get them out alive via surgery (my husband doesn't know that part). Anyways, we might be able to work with what we've got. He also agreed with my RE here in that the sperm problem worsens FAST. REALLY FAST. so we need to do this now.
Now, the real problem here (he thinks) is that there may be a genetic problem with his sperm. He wants us to do genetic testing right away. His reason is the m/c I had last year. The abortion wasn't natural. We had to perform a D&C because they couldn't find a heartbeat. He says that the fetus might have had...well, you know, something wrong with it.
I had a feeling that genetics might have been the cause, but my RE here said no. Who knows.
He says that we can't go through the IVF process to have a baby with some genetic disorderfar worse than down syndrome. (his words).
So I'm going to email my RE's nurse and ask for the test ASAP. We have to do it now because all the paperwork in Spain has to start soon in order for me to start my cycle when I get there on January 2nd.
My mom also asked about their protocol, and he didn't mention the pill. Only that they would force my body to ovulate and bla bla bla...My RE uses the pill for the first 10 days or something like that. He said that my PCOS was fine. Totally controllable. He said that they have a 30% rate of success, and that they're at the US level. I really hope so. I hope they don't over-stimulate me and I end up with a million cysts...
Also, I was reading up on PCOS last night and on webmd it says that it causes repeated that normal? I can't even contemplate another one. It was too devastating.
And that's all. If anybody has any info for me, please HELP!

One last thing. This PCOS is driving me crazy! I'm breaking out like crazy and I'm greasy and loosing HAIR!. Yes. I read it's normal. Does anyone have an alternative way to aleviate these symptoms other that the BCP??


  1. I don´t have information about PCOS, but my IVF cycle might be similar to spain. We do not take birth control pills.
    3 weeks after my period, I go in for a internal ultrasound, and then I start to inject with suprefact ( which inhibits production of gonadotropin hormon). Then I supress for ca 2 weeks, after the period has started I go for a check and if everything looks ok. I start with Menopor, puregon or other stimulation drug. They monitor me regularily so that there is no hyper stimulation.

    I wouldn´t worry about that, as I´m sure the health care in spain is equal to the one you are getting. And as you are giving them thorough history they should be able to learn from your past and adjust to that.

    I whish you all the best with the IVF.

  2. I just wanted to correct one thing I said, the supression drug doesn´t supress production but supresses release of the hormones :)

  3. and one more thing, than I´m stopped with harrassing your comment box :)
    If you have irregualar menstruation cycle, you will maybe take a pill like primolut with the supression drug so that the menstruation will start at the desired date.

  4. I haven't read your whole blog, so I'm not sure if you've tried this or not, but I have a nasty case of PCOS and it's been treated with some success with the drug metformin.

  5. Oh, and about PCOS and miscarriages: I've read about several studies where women with PCOS took metformin for the first trimester, and I believe it reduced miscarriages significantly. I took it for the first 12 weeks or so of pregnancy and now have a daughter.