Wednesday, November 4, 2009


I've been dreaming all night that I was a few weeks pregnant and with a huge belly! That I was hanging out with my good friend and we were sharing pregnancy concerns (she's prego now) and all that..
I think it's because my trip tp Spain is getting closer and also because I'm going to see the RE today. Finally! It's taken me 1 month to see him. I have a few concerns about Endo. Could I have that? I do have lots of cramping all month long, some are sharp pains...And very irregular cycle ( i haven't ovulated and I'm at CD 21 - last month I had a 40 day cycle..)
What else should I tell him? My last HSG showed quite a bit of scar tissue on one of my ovaries/ tubes, but he never mentioned ENDO. Do they stay away from diagnosing it unless is very painful?
So now, besides my husband's terrible SA's, I have to add my horrible cycles.
I'm a bit scared that I have something bad. (Hypocondriac, anyone?). It's just strange that I haven't ovulated when I'm supposed to be in good shape now.

Change of subject:
how was halloween, people?!?!
My daughter was the cutest EVER. She was a bumble bee. We did all kinds of fun stuff. And she got lots of cnady. Our neighborhood was great. Many kids and many nice adults giving out candy. Gordi (my daughter) just wanted to hang out with all those kids and share her candy. Soooo adorable.

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