Monday, December 21, 2009


I'm trying to leave a clean and organized house before I go to Spain. Not so much for my husband, but for my own I don't find it even worse when I get back...As I was organizing the files, I found a manila envelope stamped from our fertility clinic #1 (back in 2006). There, I found their data from the summer 2006. 2 SA's and my info and a genetic test (negative for cystic fybrosis) they did for me.
so I made a chart:
Date---------------- Sperm/ml ---Morphology---- Motility
6/09/2006 ---------2.4 mill --------9% --------------12%
6/30/06 ------------1.2 mill--------- 4%-------------- 9%
3/2009-------------- 0.2 mill---------- 0% -------------0%
10/2009 --------------0.3 mill ----------3% -----------4%

Any thoughts??........WOW...........

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