Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Change of Plans!!

We´ve got some good news!
I have to admit that I didn´t want to blog about it until I had some kind of confirmation...
We spoke to the embriologyst (my mom´s friend) and asked him if there was any way for me to fly back home while I had to take the BCP and come back before I finished it, and he asked us why...why?? well, ¨my daughter doesn´t want to be away from her husband that long¨...obvious, right?? well, not for everybody.
Well, he´s such a nice guy that he started asking around the other OBs in the department and they all agree that they don´t really need any b/w or BCP cycle since they know that I have a good ovarian reserve because I´ve gotten pregnant twice already...soooooo....drums.....I can start IVF#1 in less than a week when I get my period!!
In a way I´m very excited because all this means that I can see my husband in 10 days or so, that I can finally start in a week!!
On the other side, I´m a little worried about OHSS, and also using a PCOS egg that turns out into another m/c (like last time)...any ideas?? would any of you be worried about this too??

My mom just said something about them doing b/w on day 2 or 3 anyways and start the agonist face right after that. I guess the embriologyst told her that when I wasn´t there. We had a few drinks with him and his wife. At 3 pm. Can any of you believe that?? That would never happen in the US...drinks with your embriologyst that early in the afternoon. It is very common here though.
Now I´m all freaked out watching all the tutorials posted on stirrup queens on injections...and making lists on what I need to buy (pre natal vitamins) and stop taking (coffee and wine..) lol.. I don´t mind that at all!!
I´l l keep you all posted!


  1. That is fantastic! How in the world did that happen after Dr. Cranky? Lots of luck for you. :)