Friday, January 15, 2010

If the Red Hot Chili Peppers say it I can say it too..

Dr. Moron has decided against starting right away. So we are back to square one. He wants it to work so that nobody can blame him if it doesn´t. I guess he owes my dad more than I thought.
This sucks. I should have know. All of us IFers should know to expect the worst outcome possible at all times. It´s always better to be pleasantly surprised.
Anyways. I cried already this morning and got all depressed with my husband on skype. I took a nap and my friends came over. That cheered me up and I´m back to normal (almost).
It´s so nice to have your childhood friends and ALL your family walking distance. I really missed it living in the US for so long. Almost 9 years now (that I left Spain to live in the US)..
That´s all.

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  1. Sorry you can't start right away like you wanted. Wishing that time flies by so you can cycle soon. Hugs.