Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Dr´s Visit - Update

So we are here! We made to Spain safe and sound. I´m quite sick with the worst cold I´ve ever had, but at least we made it.
I went to the Dr. with my dad yesterday. The visit was 1 hr and a half. He started filling out my history. Yes, I had to tell him how many times a week we have sex, in front of my dad...almost died on that one...so embarrasing. He sent me to another room to get an u/s and a physical. Yes, he confirmed my PCOS. He didn´t see any cysts but a very clear picture of PCOS.
1. This cycle (I´m on CD15 today) is a waste, so we´ll just wait for my period to come.
2. Bloodwork on days 2 and 22 of next cycle, which should start at the end of this month beggining of next because my cycles range between 28-41 days long.
3. BCP on the following cycle (MARCH)
4. Start IVF after BCP cycle.
I knew this would happen...I´m supposed to be here until April-May...yeah right!
DH is scheduled to come in a couple of weeks (or 3) to give them Sperm to freeze one way or another (biopsy).
The Moron Dr (as I´m going to reffer to him from now on) is the typical Spaniard...old fashioned..very stuck in the past, and very hateful of US culture. He told me that he didn´t trust US tests because they (US ) destroyed Latino culture and values. Some of it is true, I can´t deny it, but that´s part of life, globalization, modernization!! come on!! What does medicine have to do with it!! and I´m pretty sure the US is ahead of us little Spain in all medical fields YOU MORON!!
I could have gotten my bloodwork done back home and taken the BCP at home too, and then I could have come here. MORON!.
THE MORON won´t induce my period now...so I can get going on, instead of waiting some 20+ days for my period to get here...

All this is just not going to happen. I refuse to stay away for my husband for 4 months to have another baby. It just doesn´t feel right.

I already have the daycare set up (another favor we had to ask because they were full), Gordi is finally adjusting to the time change/food change/crazy weather and family...just to have to leave again and come back in 2 months...to start over again..
The MORON kept saying that I should just be thankful that HE let me in so quickly when the waiting list for somebody like me is 2 years...and that I could go back home in between...like that´s so easy...to fly back and forth with a 2 yr old 16+ hrs each way....

After I talked to my mom, my dad and some friends, we came to the conclusion that it might be better if I leave soon, get the stupid bloodwork done in the US, as well as the BCP cycle and then come back. If Dr. MORON says it´s OK. We´ll see...

All this is extremely frustarting...extremely. I´m so tired of all of it. I´m going to look into paying the $20K by ourselves in the US. Is it crazy to let this oportunity to get it for free go away??

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  1. oh how completely frustrating!!! I'm so sorry this isn't going according to plan:-(