Wednesday, February 10, 2010


I've always been against medication of any kind. I try not to take anything until I'm dying sick...but I think I'm depressed. This is dragging for way too long now.
I'm 100% that it's not going to work and very anxious of what I have ahead of me.
I can't even get on the bike in the mornings daughter is getting to be so hard to convince now. Before she would be happy to come with me anywhere but now she always says everything I suggest we do. So I end up sitting and watching her play. I can't go and play with her like I used to.
I'm not here anymore...I feel like I'm not myself...Is this depression? Should I just go to the Doctor and get some meds for it?
We'll see.
Can my hormones have anything to do with this? I've been cheking and I haven't ovulated (again) this cycle. I feel cramping going on and other symptoms but there's nothing going on but my emotional rollercoaster.


  1. Well, hormones can really take you for a roller-coaster ride, for sure. When I was most depressed therapy helped and I didn't have to go on meds to get better but it took time. Others I know have been really helped by anti-depressants. Whatever you do, I hope it feels better soon. It's so hard.

  2. Thanks! I'll try and wait for my hormones to calm down...Hey!! we miss your posts!At least I do. I'm so excited for your pregnancy. How's it going?