Tuesday, February 16, 2010


For once in a looong time, AF came early, which means that I can get started and organize my trip to Spain in 15 days! Yipee!!

Dr. Moron said that they need me there between CD 15 and 17 and that they'll start things on CD 20. I guess they won't wait for my next period..interesting. I've never read of anybody starting their IVF cycle after 20 days on the BCP. Whatever. Maybe he meant other things, like tests...he talked to my dad, not me. So I'm not sure. All I know is that we're one step closer.

On monday I went to get my bloodwork done and I heard the nurse ask the Dr. if he was ready for the IUI (one lady had just gone in a room...)I was so excited for her and so sad for me...It is a huge step to go to the start of a cycle...then to retrieval (or IUI) and then transfer...buff..

That's all!!

P.S: I'm so excited for the latest good news from Christa and Clare! Congrats ladies!

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