Thursday, February 4, 2010


I got back home (US, FL, Tampa) a couple of weeks ago. The 25th. I had my CD 4 day b/w the next day. I just got the results and they're all normal, which doesn't make sense because I'm a mess. I'm loosing TONS of hair and my acne is completely out of control...but whatever. I keep telling myself that the BCP will help and then we'll be doing our first IVF.
I don't think I mentioned before that I was coming back to the US. The airline wouldn't let me change my tickets for the usual price (about $200)..they wanted $600 each ticket so I told my dad and he told Dr. Moron. Surprisingly, Dr. Moron said that we could get my b/w done here no problem...NO PROBLEM?!?!?!!!. After 3 miserable weeks thinking that I had to be away from my husband for a few months!!? well, it all turned out ok. I'll be here until the end of the BCP cycle which should be the 3rd week of March.
Gordi (my 2.5 year old daughter) was having a really difficult time at the end. She just wanted to be home and missed her dad too much. She kept throwing the BIGGEST tantrums I ever seen...everywhere, all the time. I was miserable too. I'm happy to be home. Now we just wait.
I've been reading lots of blogs and feeling a little numb. I feel for other people and I get really happy when they finally have good news...but all those sad news are getting to me. What if I have another m/c? or IVF doesn't work? All my life is on hold until I know for sure whether I'm going to have another baby or not...this sucks...just in case none of you knew...
I'm trying to eat healthy and force it down my husband too..I really want to have some good little ones for the cycle soon. He's taking Fertil Aid (or saying he is...) and lowering Diet coke intake...he's an addict...what else can we do? He puts a pillow between the laptop and his legs now..too biking (which we love)...I don't know.

Thanks for your support. This is really hard sometimes...

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