Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Babies, babies everywhere...

What was I thinking?!
I've been staying at my in-laws house since last saturday. My brother in law and girlfriend just had a baby so I wanted to see her, and my brother in law and husband just adopted their first and came in yesterday from LA. It just seemed perfect because I'm leaving from Miami airport in a few days and now I'm 45 mins away. My husband is working like crazy this week so I wasn't going to see him much at all anyways, so it seemed like a good idea for me to come and see the new babies...
Well, it's been 5 days now and I just want to DIE!. They handed me the baby this morning so they could catch up on their sleep a few more hours...HARD. And the girlfriend has been with me every day now. TOO HARD.
I just want to cry sometimes...I'm so happy for them and to be able to help out (my MIL and FIL are not at the house till monday), but It's just cruel. All they talk about is baby stuff...
Listen to this: my MIL is insane and the last thing she said to me (yesterday) was: "You should just take a pregnancy test because I know you are pregnant right now". WTF WOMAN! ARE YOU INSANE?!
She knows, because I've told her a million times, that I'm taking the pill just now to get ready for IVF in a week. My husband has told her too. We changed ALL our plans because I JUST got my period early and I can start the pill and IVF soon.
I just get in these sad a cloud hovering around me. I can't enjoy anything around me...not even play with my daughter...who's just adorable! I can't believe how lucky I am to at least have her...
I can't wait for my husband to come here tomorrow and be next to me. He's the only one that fully understands me. I feel so vulnerable without him next to me. The lasts months have definitely brought us closer. Thank God.
I can't wait to be done.
I bought my ticket. I'll be gone from March 1st until April 14th. It should be enough.
I'll keep you all posted!

La loca

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