Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Blogosphere, help me!!

I have a question.

Like I mentioned before, I am considering donating half of the eggs produced in my next IVF to lower the cost and help somebody. The IVF clinic lowered my cost to 50% (=$6,000). I was happy with that, UNTIL my brother in law, who´s gay and has considered pursuing surrogacy with his partner, told me that he has been asked to pay $6K for a regular donor, but that price would have gone up to $10K because I have had a baby already and she´s healthy and we don´t have any genetic issues...Is $6K off a standard amount? Should I "shop" around for a better "deal"? Is there any way that we can find recipients through the blogosphere??

Another question: Should we pay for all the psychologic and genetic counseling involved in a split program? (donor program). The clinic called today and said they want me to go to gen.zyme and have a genetic counselor write a report on my genetics...Is that a standard step that donors have to pay?

I would love to hear from peolpe that know about the subject, or have gone through it themselves.



  1. In the states, donors are usually compensated between 5k-10k. How much depends on the prior fertility history such as live birth, prior successful donations, etc. 6k sounds like about right to me since it is for half of your eggs not all of them. Good luck!

  2. Thanks! I am looking online for info and it is crazy! How people advertise themselves...Is it worth the try? all this seems surreal to me. I guess I have to get used to the idea...

  3. I don't have much experience with this, but you are doing the right thing by doing lots of research and asking lots of questions. Good Luck!

    Have you checked out Stirrup Queens List of Blogs? She has a whole collection of blogs about this very subject...in fact, you can email her to add your blog to the list:


    Hope this helps you!

    Amy :) (p.s. I'm feeling great...heartburn just about every day and I've graduated to maternity clothes! I'm still shy about posting pics on my blog...maybe one day.) ;)

  4. Well, I can't help you with this specific question, but I did want to wish you lots of luck with whatever you discover.

    The suggestion of the PP to check out the blogs at Stirrup Queen sounds like a great one, too. Seems like the blogosphere has answers for everything...

    Buena suerte y besos!!

  5. Visiting from the Stirrup Queen's site. I have no experience with Donor eggs, but did want to wish you best of luck!