Thursday, December 9, 2010


I have been in contact with an RN in charge of a study in NJ. They need women with PC.OS. I just sent all my results to them. The trial is In Vi.tro M.aturation for PCO.S.
I would have to cover diagnostic testing, anesthesia, and meds. Good thing is that meds should just be the Hcg shot prior to retreival.
I have friends in bff here has an apartment with a sofa bed and a guess I would have to pay for a sublet for a month, car rental for a month, 4 plane tickets, maybe 5...Is it worth it?I would have to take my daughter with me...

I am keeping all my options open. The clinic here that charges me $6K for a share cycle, the clinic in Margate that charges me about $1,500 for a share cycle and the study in NJ. We´ll see what happens in the end.
I need to keep moving. I need to start cycling soon...I´m sure you guys understand me.

I.V.M is actually a pretty good deal. After going through OHSS once, I can say that IVM and everything that helps me avoid it, is fantastic. I would love to try it. It doesn´t require any stims therefore lowering the risk of cancer (I know it´s not proven, but I just cannot believe it..)

On a positive note, my aunt, who is 42 married to my uncle who is 55 just got pregnant! They have gone through 5 cycle, one m/c and she´s finally 11 weeks. I am so happy for them. Also, my husband came home today with a promotion! I guess we could do a cycle on our own now, but I just can´t take this extra money away from him. We need to go on a good vacation and relax. It has been really stressful for him lately. Have you noticed how husbands turn to be awful communicators under stress?? Mine is terrible. It makes things very hard. I know I have to give him time, and things will be better. Hopefully Xmas will do the trick.

Also, I POASed today. I´m 8 days late. Which is normal, but I have had cramps for 3 weeks, and AF just doesn´t get here!! It´s driving me crazy. I do not recommen Lu.pron De.pot to anyone on earth! Evil evil thing. Now that we are in the 50´s (yes, 50´s in Tampa!), my hot flashes have dissapeared...thank god!

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