Monday, October 12, 2009

What am I doing?

Yes, What am I doing?

I am a fellow Ifer besides many other things. I have a two year old daughter. The cutest toddler in the world, who is bilingual and also, very smart. I am a H.S. teacher on a break. I used to teach Spanish. I am Spanish, from Spain. I guess I should add that you will find many misspelled words, things that don't make sense and very very bad writing.

I don't care at this point.

I will remain anonymous, just because I want to feel comfortable saying ( or writing) my feelings and opinions.

I started reading blogs like mine when I realized that I needed help dealing with infertility AGAIN. My husband cannot put up with another conversation about the matter and I NEED to vent.

I found It scared me to death, but at the same time it gave me comfort because I knew that there were many of us going through the same CRAP. I should clarify...It scared me because I found out what real people go through, instead of what my doctors had told's scary!! it sucks!

So here I am. Using my blog as a therapeutic way to fix me. Just like we use sex as a therapeutic way to fix our relationship with our husbands/partners, right??

I hope it works. I see that there is a lot of support from one to another...that's just what I need.

Why is it that nobody understands THIS!. I can't talk to my girlfriends about it because none of them is married...and if they are, they seem to have problems avoiding pregnancies. I can't talk to my mother...she's bored of it already. I already mentioned my husband...even a psychologist I just started to visit told me that all I needed was relaxation techniques...WTH


Here I am.


  1. Hola Loca! Bienvenida al blogosphere - I think you'll find the supportive community you're looking for here! I saw your blog listed on the "Lost and Found" page for Stirrup Queens. Te entiendo mucho - tengo una hija de 17 meses concebida despues de 3 anios de infertilidad, soy Peruana, tratando de criarla bilingue aqui en los EEUU... te deseo mucha suerte! Hm... tal vez nos mudamos a Espana! :-)

  2. Hola. Vengo de LFCA- Stirrup Queens. Hablo espanol pero no muy bien. Estoy contenta que comiences este blog. Vivia en Espana por 4 meses durante universidad. Frequentaba Universidad de Grananda. Ahora ingles.
    I'm sorry that you have no one in real life to talk to but you will get support here. If you get a chance stop by my non profit blog and website, Parenthood for Our mission is to provide financial and emotional support to those building families through adoption or medical intervention. We need help spreading the word.
    Muchas gracias-

  3. Gracias!! WOW. no pense que fuera a ser tan rapido esto!

  4. Elizabeth,lo de Espana es tentador..con lo caro que es aqui...
    Mi hija ya habla espanol fenomenal..q gusto! ahora me toca que hable ingles..jajaja
    Gracias por los buenos deseos