Wednesday, October 21, 2009


There should be a guide to understand husbands...Just like "what to expect where you are expecting" but for husbands..."what to expect when your spouse doesn't talk much"
We had a talk yesterday. I think we both got a lot off our chests...I did!. He said that he's ok with having more kids, He wants more. I think he realizes that I'm more messed up than before and IVF really is our only route here..
He said that he doesn't want to use his vacation time on this...freezing in Spain instead that warm in Florida (or somewhere else on REAL vacation). He hates his job now, so he really looks forward vacation time to have fun. I just don't want him to blame me for wasting his vacation if nothing happens, if I don't get pregnant.
SO I totally misread him.
He also said that I'm a total PSYCHO. And that I'm a rollercoaster and a mess. He can't keep up with my mood swings anymore. So I'm going to try and relax. I guess Spain is back on.

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