Tuesday, March 9, 2010

We start on Friday!

Yes, we do!!

I´m beyond excited. I got back to Spain on th 2nd and met with a new Dr. on the 4th. She was nice enough to move things up a bit, since I was told (by Dr. Moron) to start the pill this cycle, when I wasn´t supposed to ( according to my program). So, she gave me my prescriptions and my pen (to put medication in, and inject me). I had to get the prescriptions signed somewhere else, and when I went to the pharmacy to get them, they charged me.......drums......ARE YOU ALL READY??

9.50 Euros ! ! ! ! ! ! (=$14)


So, I´m happy. I really don´t know what they ordered for me, and at this point, I know what to expect from the hormones and I´m as ready as anybody can be. I don´t want to dwell on what medication is better or worse for some people and all that. I´m going to trust them...yes, I wrote THAT, I´m going to let it go, and trust them. I don´t think I have a choice in the matter.

Everything seems to be pretty similar to US standards. I will post more when I find out more.

DH is coming on friday also, and leaving on the 22nd. It´s going to be GREAT. we both miss him.

I will come back on April 14th. I should know if I´m pregnant or not and what the next step is by then.

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