Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I hate Pro.metrium...

I´m now on day 2 of Pro.metrium. I´ve had nausea, emotional bursts, hot flashes, and exhaustion. It usually takes me a few more days to feel sick...This time I´m using the US type of Progesterone instead of Spain´s.
I have a few concerns this time around. I´m finally pretty much normal...yes..I said normal. Not many signs of PCOS lately. I actually Ovulated this month! I know..I´m so proud of my ovaries. I´ve been thinking that maybe I shouldn´t drink any soy milk anymore (I changed to almond milk a month ago or so). So, I don´t know how, but after taking that Dian.e 35 for 1 month, my body is back to normal. No more acne, a little hair loss, and ovulation!!

I talked to Dr.Moron and told him that I was ovulating, and he said that Pro.metrium wouldn´t hurt a baby, if I conceived naturally. I hope not. I´m also trying to follow the rules after IVF transfers...almost all at least. We´ve been having crazy sex lately.

So my plan now is to wait for my next period, and start Pro.metrium again on CD 16 until CD 26 and on CD 22 get the lu.pron de.pot shot. On CD day 2 start the estrogen and transfer on CD 18 of the next cycle.

I haven´t ovulated on my own in so long, that I don´t want to start more hormone treatments and get back on the crazy PCOS mode again...I guess BCP will be my friend again after the FET if it doesn´t work.

Also, Gordi is on her 2nd week of swimming lessons. The first week, she cried the whole time and now she loves it! Finally. i almost cried yesterday when she started crying...thanks pro.metrium...ugh....

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  1. My mom started me in swim class at 7 and I hated it. I cried the whole time. It might be because the pool wasn't heated and it was March in Minnesota. What was she thinking!

    I hope Gordi is on the swim team in no time.