Friday, July 9, 2010

September it is

That is when the FET will take place. I am waiting for a fax with all the instructions from Dr Moron. I called him last week and he said I could get the meds sent to me and the cycle started here so I don´t have to be there for so long. This time around I won´t have any shots to do (!!!) and it shoud be fairly easy.
So I will get the day to day schedule by fax today. He mentioned progesterone pills for 10 day to bring about AF and then some kind of antagonist I will be in good shape for the begining of September to do the Frozen transfer.

Now, I need 2 miracles.
1) The embies thaw well, and I can transfer at least one. I´m hoping for 3...
2)I get pregnant (duh!!)

I´m going to call around and find a cheap acupuncturist. The one I went to was $85. That´s way too much for me...Is that price normal?? My SIL says no, but...this is a different area...

I´m nervous again! That means I´m ready, right?

Fingers crossed!!


  1. September will be here soon! I'll be praying for all your beautiful embies to thaw and for a big happy BFP for you!!

  2. Woohoo! September is a great month! I will keep you in my thoughts and my fingers crossed!!!