Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The back up p.lan


I´m watching this stupid movie and I´m so pissed off...sooooo mad. So JLo here hets inseminated and pregnant the 1st try, AND she gets twins. (Which i´m sure it´s what happened in real life for her). Anyways, when does that happen??

Why can´t things happen like that for us. We try so hard...we go through so much...I just finished Pro.metrium and I´m so emotional. I´ve cried 3 times today already. The worst part is that I have no doubt that it won´t work. I just can´t imagine doing another fresh cycle, and spending another 2+ months away from my husband, and surgery, and pain, and OHSS, and hell.

I want this over with. I want it away from my head. and my heart. Please, go away!!

OF COURSE.she gets pregnant again, without trying at the end...nice ending...sorry for spoiling a crappy movie...

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  1. I wasn't going to watch it anyway!

    Sorry you're going through such a rough time. :(