Friday, April 15, 2011

All at once..too much??

Today was a crazy insane day. I woke up to an email from my dad saying that he had spoken to Dr. Moron. He detailed the conversation and I was ok with it. I was supposed to call Dr. Moron to get the dates set according to my cycle now and all that. An hour later, I received a call from a 212 area code...which can only be from the clinical trail place. It was them! They had some openings available and she was calling people on the waiting list...WHAT!??!?! Yes, it was my turn. I told her when CD28 is and she made an appointment for me next friday. NYC. next thursday!!! DH had the wise idea of leaving gordi with his parents since we have to be in their neck of the woods on thursday anyways, and leave by ourselves.for.two.days.alone. I can´t believe it. Even if we don´t pass the initial visit stage, we are going to be alone for 2 days in NYC. I love that city. Well, they need to review our tests and give us the ok to proceed. Treatment will start 2 weeks after the initial visit, which will be the 2nd week in May. Two hours later, I called Spain, Dr. Moron. He said that June-July might not be the best time because a lot of Drs are using those months as vacation. We might have to do it from the end of August through October. He wants to do the long protocol. A problem arises here. Gordi is going to VPK next school year. VPK is a free voluntary pre-kindergarten program (3 hrs a day everyday). If the child misses 20% of the time, she´s dropped and I would have to pay from then on. I don´t want to pay, that´s for sure. I guess I could find alternatives for a decent price...Also, I could put her in school in Spain for 2 months. That´s very appealing. Her Spanish will be perfected then. So much to think about, huh?? I sure hope I am pregnant this year if I get to try IVF twice, right??

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  1. What would make all this even better and easier is if you get a BFP and then you wouldn't need any of them! :) Hoping that one of the easiest and fastest options work out.