Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tv is just evil

Do any of you follow Parent.hood? I love that show.
I was preparing myself for one of the main character´s pregnancy....well, she has some sort of scarring in her uterus so she can´t. One day, she decides she wants more babies, so she goes to her husband, tells him she wants to adopt and he says yes. Just like that!. So unlike the real thing...
they love to lie on TV.

Other news: DH and I head out to NYC tomorrow for the initial visit at the clinical trial. I am praying that AF shows on time...tomorrow. Yes, I´ve tested and 2xBFN. Oh well. It´s just going to be my husband and I travelling. Gordi is staying with my in laws..I have to admit, I am pretty nervous about it, but I have to relax, right? How can I relax?? There´s so much going on right now. Maybe accupuncture when I start the cycle?? mmm...

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  1. Hmmmm, yes, we watch Pare.nthood and were annoyed, too. ANd then the bombshell at the end with the pregnancy-event though it's fiction, I shouted out, "Oh no, Julia is going to be so upset!" Love that show. Sorry for the BFN. Sigh...I loved doing acupuncture-so relaxing!!!