Saturday, April 2, 2011


I was just bored, and decided to check stirrup-queens L&F page. I am so mad Mel has decided to update once a week now...oh well. I understand the reason. Idon´t know how she can do all she does. So I stoped by Erica´s blog. She is dealing with secondary IF, like me, BUT she just had a baby. So lucky huh?. I always check the way they got preggo...maybe I can do it too, right? She has PCOS too. Usually, when a woman has PCOS, they RE gives them clo.mid, met.morphin, injectables...IUI´s...everything and anything they can to force ovul.ation. The men are ok. But my man is not OK. He has been at one point, because I have been pregnant 2 times. Miracle? maybe. Not likely. So after reading that blog, I asked my husband (like many times in the past) why won´t he try the chinese medicine doctor next to his office and some Fertil.aid? I didn´t even mention diet and exercise. He´s not overweight, at least not too much. He needs to get healthy though. He shut me down. My argumet was valid. I told him that IV.F sucks and I suffered through it, and I will do it again. If we are not going to do another cycle again for another year, why not try the old fashioned way? Why can´t he go to the doctor and try and get his numbers up for a few months? It would be so easy if his numbers were better. Right now, my RE will not even consider IUI´s or clomid or anything but IV.F with IC.SI. at a very high price tag. DH thinks it is a waste of time. He seems 100% sure. I know he is trying to protect himself, but I don´t know why. It feels like he loves me less just because he won´t go through anything for me, as I´ve done for him. I can´t understand his reaction. It´s like we are back 2 or 3 years ago. I guess it is ok for me to go through IV.F alone, but it is not ok for him to get SA´s and acupuncture needles once a month. Does anybody have any wisdom for me?? Thanks!!

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  1. Any way you can hide the Fert.ilAid in a piece of cheese or something like people do for dogs? ;) Totally kidding (or am I?)! I have no advice for you-Remodel Man has been pretty okay with whatever we needed to do when we thought his swimmers were the issue. I hope he will consider acupuncture. I found it wonderful-relaxing and gave me so much more energy AND I got pregnant four months after I started doing it. (I miscarried, but we still count it!!) Good luck!!