Monday, March 29, 2010

Day 3 fert report

We still have 9 growing!!!

We could transfer today but the embryologist has decided to wait because they´re growing so well, and we still have so many.

Meds I´ve taken so far: Anti-nausea, sleep aid, tylenol, progesterone and another one to prevent Hyperstimulation, which indeed I have. Mild OHSS. Not much liquid, but a little bit in the lower abdomen. My ovaries are 10 cm each (normally they would be 2cm each)..that´s why I´m feeling all the bloating and pain. PLUS, the Dr. said that the fallopian tubes have moved I feel pressure even when I breathe...

I feel better today though. Hopefully, by wednesday I´m almost back to normal.

BIG NOTE: I applaude all of you that have done this more than once. I don´t think I could do it again. It´s too much, to invasive, and too dangerous.

ANOTHER NOTE: How early can I POAS after a 5 day transfer? I´m thinking next wednesday...

Thank You all for your words of support!


  1. I'm glad you are better! I think you can start POASing when your embies are 11 days six days after a five day transfer. Luck!