Saturday, March 20, 2010

Good things

Lately, I have been thinking that my blog is very negative. I just vent about things that I don´t like, or things that go wrong. Obviously, in the IVF world, we find most things going wrong, but still...My life is great.

I love my husband so much. He´s been here, in Spain, for a week. We have done lots of fun things..including a mini vacay to Santander that was just perfect. I have no stress thanks to him right now. He leaves on monday though, and retrieval should be around wednesday. He´s not going to be here to help out with my bedrest, which means that gordi will have to stay with her uncle and my cousin (who she loves). I hope she doesn´t go crazy when I´m not there.

They told me to start another hormone shot on thursday. It´s called Cetrotide. Not a lot of fun. The needle is longer and I have to give the shot at a 45 degree angle...I´m not good at math, ok?? DH kept laughing at me for not being able to figure it out...whatever. It hurts, and I have to push too hard, and I´m afraid that I´m going to push too too hard and it´s going to hurt even more. I´ve decided that I´m going to do all my shots because I can´t rely on anybody being here at 8 pm. everyday. I´m almost running out of space in my belly!! Can I give them in my thigh??

I have another u/s tomorrow (sunday) at 9:30 am to check the follies. On thursday I had many (around 20 on right side and 12 on left) but most were under 10. The right has the worst PCOS presentation, so I have tons of follies around the ovary that are too small. They saw 4 or 5 that were between 12 and 14. The left only had one that was 12. So they added the 2nd shot. We´ll see tomorrow. I feel a lot more bloated and uncomfortable, and I´m getting sharp pain on my right bad cramps. I am guessing it´s normal. They didn´t tell me my E2 over the phone. I´ll ask tomorrow.

One question: Does my lifestyle NOW affect my future embryos? I mean, can I drink and have coffee now? or will it affect my embryos a week from now. I´m growing the eggs right now, so it should affect them...but my Dr. said that I could do whatever I wanted until transfer day. I also have a cold. I want to start antibiotics now, so I don´t feel like crap afterwards, when I can´t take anything...should I? I´ll ask the Dr that one too, again...

I will try to be more positive from now on. AND I will post a pic soon..well, as soon as this crappy computer decides to read my SD card!

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