Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Here we go!

Retrieval is scheduled for friday. My E2 was at a little over 1,000. Not much. The Dr. said that it didn´t match with what he saw in the u/s...Still, I will trigger tonight and surgery on friday.

I feel much better today. I was so miserable yesterday. I had the worst pain I´ve ever had in my lower abdomen. Thankfully, it went away at 5 pm, right before my daughter decided to wash my Ipod touch and break it forever, and then hit her eye with the corner on a wood table and start bleeding...what a day!! I´m gald it´s over and I feel better today.

Can I take Ibupro.fen now? My Dr said that I can take whatever I want, but my aunt (who´s been cycling for 2 years) said that they don´t let her. Only Tylenol. ??? help???

I know I´m relying way too much on the blogosphere...but I have no choice. I can´t really contact my doctors unless I´m dying and I don´t know many people in my same situation. (My aunt is 40 and with a totally different protocol, plus, she is really jealous that I get to do this when I already have a child).
I hope I can get some answers from you all...

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