Friday, March 12, 2010

First shot!

So tomorrow I start. Today I went to the first real appointment where they measure everything. I wasn´t able to write it down, and they use different measurements here would be way too complicated to translate it all and then, compare it to other people´s experiences. I think I´m just going to trust them.

Dr. Moron yelled at me for getting that lady Dr to move things up so I don´t have to change my flight...I guess he wanted to do one protocol, and now we are doing the opposite. He says that I´ll probably end up with less eggs retrieved...oh well. It´s done now. He also mentioned that since I´ve been pregnant before and I´m young, that they might be able to do a 5 day transfer. Does anybody know where I can find info on 3 day transfer versus a 5 day transfer? He also said that he doesn´t agree on the whole eSET (elective single embryo transfer), unless we have a perfect embryo on day 5. So we most likely transfer 2 embryos. The do freeze them also ( I didn´t know before today). So, if we have enough, we might be able to do a FET in the future.

Well, tomorrow is the day. I watched videos and all. It doesn´t seem too hard. I think I´ll do it to myself. I´m a bit crazy and I think it will be done better if I do it on my own. My husband will be here for the 1st shot. I´m really happy about that. I´m starting with something like Gonal F called Puregon. 150 UI. For 6 days until thursday when I get another ultrasound and b/w to check my estradiol...whatever that is...

Wish me luck with the needle!!


  1. I don't know anything about 3-day vs. 5-day transfers... but SUERTE!!! With the needle and with everything else!!!

  2. I did a lot of googling on 3 vs 5 day transfers....essentially, clinics typically do a 3 day transfer when there aren't enough egg options. However, some DRs believe that putting an embryo back in earlier to its natural environment can help. The only problem with this is that on day 3, the egg is usually in the fallopian tubes not the uterus. Other DRs say that if the embryo doesn't make it to day 5, it probably would have arrested even if it was in a natural environment. If you can put in two blastocysts at day 5, you have a better chance than two at day 3. My success came from two blastos and never from day 3! :) That's just me though!

  3. WOW. Thanks for all that info. This is just a lot of information to take in and understand...