Monday, March 22, 2010


I have a few quesstions that some of you may be able to help me with:
1. How can I make the bloating more comfortable? I feel like a balloon!
2. Any ideas to make the bedrest after retrieval and transfer easier (healthwise). I have read about gatorade after surgery...Should I stay away from my toddler for more than a day? She´s really attached to me...
3. How long do I need to be resting after retrieval and transfer? I´m having a hard time finding people to take my daughter for 4 days...Do I need 2 full days after each one?
4.Can they fertilize 10mm follies? I´ve been told that they won´t even retrieve them if they´re not 10 mm. Has anybody heard of 10-15 mm follies make it to baby??

SO FAR I have TONS of follies. As of yesterday I have about 18 in each side (that´s counting some that were 10mm). The right ovary is carrying the biggest load. The follies are more mature there. Some 18 mm, 16 mm,15 mm...and 5 or 6 that are at 10mm. The left ovary has one that´s 15mm and some more that were between 10 and 12 mm. and another 5 or 6 that were 10mm.
I left the hospital feeling very optimistic. Now, thinking back (and trying to convince myself that it´s not going to work), I´m a little worried about those that were 12 and 10 mm. Dr. Moron said that we were going to get less follies with this protocol...I don´t think that I can handle more bloating!...I look like I´m 5 months pregnant!! I´ve only gained 1.5 kgs...I guess that´s good. How many more follies can a woman make? Really? what´s the max? My E2 was at 570 on thursday. They´ll check it again tomorrow. Lining at 10. Is that good??

I know I said that I wasn´t going to research anything, or analize the results or drugs, and that I was going to trust them....but....I just need to know!! Are these good results or not?

On another note, my husband did AWESOME!. His first SA, he had 5-10 million! with 70% mobility! We´ve never gotten results that high...never in 5 years!. We were all so proud. The second and 3rd were his usual few non motile. The embriologyst said that with we have enough with the first sample. By the way, they froze all 3 samples. I´m trying not to stay positive, but I think all these are good news.

I´ll know for sure tomorrow, but most likely, retrieval will be on friday. I guess we´ll trigger thursday night? We´ll see.
I can´t wait to get the show on the road!!

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  1. Sorry I don't know any answers, but here's hoping it all goes well and you get some great embryos!