Sunday, March 14, 2010


This is just gross...first I was really excited to get started with hormones, and to overcome my fear of needles, but after the first and second shots, I just hate it even more. I can´t wait to be done. I´m really thankfull that I don´t have to do PIO shots...

I´m starting to realize that all of this, all that we´re doing to have ONE MORE baby is just not proportional. The first time around, I had gone through a lot of hard moments, but none of them included physical pain (or whatever you want to call it). I guess it was easy..even though I never thought of it as easy, not at all. But this time around...I hate the doctors, I hate the nurses..they treat me like crap. The swing their wonderful u/s wand like my daughter does with her magic wand, and they don´t care if it hurts or it bothers me like crazy. I hate the needles. I hate the unknown. I hate that I have to go through general anesthesia for this. It´s scary to think about.
Oh well.

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  1. what a trial... hope the surgery all goes smoothly with great results!