Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Yes, I am dolorida (in pain).

I just got back from the u/s and HOLY COW, it hurt. My ovaries are going nuts. I guess, due to my PCOS, my right ovary is producing 25+ follies. Only about 5 are over 16 mm. The rest are too small. The Dr. told me that they only categorize 18mm follies as mature. BUT my ovaries are too full, too big. The left side is quite behind. It has lots of small ones and 3 or 4 at 16mm and more. They want me to come back in 3 hrs to see what we do when they get the E2 levels.

So all my joy just went down the drain. I thought I was in great shape...it´s not looking so great because not many are maturing. If my E2 levels are too high, we have to trigger soon and that means that the smaller follicles won´t have enough time to grow to maturity...awesome! So, it looks like Dr. Moron was right and this protocol is not going to give us a lot to work with.

We only need ONE good one. One embie, one baby. Only one. Please, only one....and maybe two more to freeze so I don´t have to do this again. Please.

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