Thursday, April 1, 2010


haha...I´ve wanted to write that for a while now..

Well, transfer day went fine. They told me that the embies divided again that same morning, and were beautiful blasts. They never mentioned the size/grade...I should´ve asked. We were able to freeze 3 not so big ones. So they transfered the biggest and better ones. That should give us a pretty good chance at a pregnancy, right? I hope so.

The whole situation was pretty funny. My dad has been ¨the husband¨ figure at all major (and most) appointments. He was there at retrieval, ER visit, transfer...He felt ackward sometimes... I even had a nurse almost take him to the sperm bank section to do ¨the husband´s¨ job on retrieval day...haha. On transfer day, we met up with a couple that did retrieval the same day...and my dad HAD to explain the fact that he wasn´t a pedophile...just my dad...very ackward...

So, I´m still bloated and pretty unconfortable, but I can move around better. I haven´t left the house since transfer at 1 pm yesterday. I can´t wait to go watch that dragon movie with my daughter and my mom tomorrow...just to get out.

My daughter is learning so much during these weeks here. She´s at her age´s level of Spanish now. She has friends at school and loves going there now. She even got a goddie bag from a birthday girl the other day. WOW! the first one.

I will POAS on tuesday before I go nuts. Thanks for the tip!!

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  1. Hey! How are you feeling today? I don't know if I can POAS. I just wrote a post about it. I won't know what to think if it is negative, so I am going to hold out until Beta...I mean we have waiting this long, right? Whats another 5 days! lol