Sunday, April 4, 2010


I´m going to test on tuesday, NO NO NO, wednesday (7dp5dt) hard to wait!!

You go Amy!!

OMG- I have the worst nausea-feeling ever! (I really don´t want to call it the other possible name)...Whenever I get a bit hungry, I get super Bitchy and I get nauseated if I don´t eat (just like in my 2nd pregnancy). I did have nausea and dizziness from OHSS after retrieval, but now I have it every time I have to eat (every 2-3hrs)...weird!! I´m having a very hard time not believing in this...CRAP!
Could I be having symptoms already??Or are these the tricky hormones from IVF, playing their mind games?

FYI, my OHSS is showing up as a big belly. I swear, I look like I did when I was 4 months pregnant with gordi. It doesn´t hurt much anymore, only some twitches here and there and when I try to sleep on my side. It´s bearable and I can walk arould and go out just fine now.


  1. I had OHSS.....crapola! Good luck with the evil pee sticks lol.

  2. La loca! You are so awesome for posting that! :) I want to leave you this link, it helped me a LOT:
    I am going to link to it from my blog also, but it helped me especially today when I am dealing with brown to almost black spotting...I think it is from the Crinone...Dr. tomorrow!