Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Are we out of luck?

Or maybe, this is the worst quarter of the year to conceive/stay pregnant???

I´ve been intensely following Stirrup Queens since october of 2009 or so. They way I choose who I read or don´t read is based on our commonalities. If we have PCOS or MF, I´ve probably read your story. I feel closer to people that are more like me, or have similar issues. For a while I thought I had endometriosis, so I read lots of blogs dealing with that as well.

Lately, I´ve been following a few fellow bloggers pretty close. I was exstatic to find out about Krista and Claire´s pregancies. Only to find out that both lost their babies. Claire just found out, so please go give her support now. I remember what that was like and I don´t wish it to my worst enemy.

Also, a few of us were going through our first IVF cycle and were supporting each other through the 2ww. Amy and Amanda just found out that their cycle was negative. I don´t think mine worked either. I know I tested way too early for the HPT I have, but I just don´t feel it anymore...

What the heck!! Are we out of luck or what?? All this hell for nothing? AND I just saw an ad on my facebook page that announces: "Have a baby, get $10,000". WHAT!. A scholarship or some crap like that. Some people actually will get pregnant to get the cash and go to school. So many people get pregnant and have abortions..and we have to pay thousdands of dollars to do IVF or adopt. What is going on? Where is our fairytale ending??

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  1. I believe we are going to get our fairytale ending. Just not according to our own schedule. ;) Hope you are feeling a little better. Thinking of you.