Saturday, April 3, 2010

Toddlers and IVF

It cannot be done. They don´t match. At least not mine.

I think the main reason is that she´s not at home, and she sees me sick on the couch all day. I´ve been at home pretty sick until yesterday afternoon - that´s 7 or 8 days. I never thought that I would be this sick from IVF . I realize that OHSS is not that common, and the fact that my husband is not around is not that common either...I´m starting to resent that. He should be here with me through this. Not just the procedures, but the recovery and to help with gordi.

In conclusion, she´s driving me crazy...and I can´t pick her up or even discipline her bc my ovaries hurt when I do it. I´m better today, but I still ended up putting her in time out. I hope she learns or she´ll be in time out a lot today. I can´t deal with her complaining and yelling and misbehaving. I just don´t have energy to have patiente.

The lack of sleep doesn´t help either. Aren´t we supposed to have a restful time during the 2ww? I have to put the Progesterone suppositories in every 8 hrs. And she doesn´t take naps and I also pee every 3 hrs because of OHSS...that gives me 6 to 8 hrs a night in 3 stretches...lucky me. All this is going to make it so that I don´t get pregnant after all this hell...

I started to think about that. What if it doesn´t work after all...I have a new feeling of accomplishment in me. I feel like I´ve achieved so much, when I was sooo afraid of all this (first needles, then surgery, then OHSS and the ER...). I´ve done all I can...even if it doesn´t work. I don´t know how I could do a FET cycle now. I´ve already been away from my husband 2.25 months out of 3 this year. If we do a FET, I´ll have to be here another month somewhere before the summer. Another 2 flights, $2000, another move for my daughter. Another month away from her dad and with a very impatient mom...not fair for anybody.

Well, I think I´m done. We are at 3dp5dt. A few more days and I´ll be done. 10 more days and we go back home to FL. To daddy.

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  1. I'm sorry you are struggling so much right now. I hope the OHSS goes away soon, that is so painful and distressing. Good Luck and I hope you can get home to your honey soon.